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HVAC Maintenance Plans

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Wanna Know A Secret? An HVAC Maintenance Plan Is The Key To Enduring Comfort

You never know. Without an HVAC maintenance plan, you could get lucky. You could just leave your air conditioner or furnace running and think nothing of it and it could last 10 or 15 years and provide perfectly adequate comfort without a single problem.

But first of all - you deserve better than "adequate" comfort. You deserve comfort with all the '+''s behind it. Secondly, nobody really gets that lucky. HVAC systems are complex and involved, and without the time and attention of a trained professional - they will break down and they will cost you money.

It doesn't have to be that way. With Cozee's Comfort Club or our Elite Partner Plan, you can guarantee yourself comfort all year round. Regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your system humming along, plus other benefits for being part of the Climate Plus family:

HVAC Maintenance FAQs

How often and when should I service my HVAC?

It's recommended to service your HVAC system at least once a year, ideally before the start of each heating or cooling season. Spring is optimal for AC service, while fall is suitable for heating systems. Regular maintenance ensures efficient operation, prevents breakdowns, and extends system lifespan. Additionally, prompt attention to minor issues during routine service helps avoid costly repairs. Consult HVAC professionals to schedule timely maintenance and address any concerns to keep your system running smoothly year-round.

Why is it so important to have my air conditioner maintenanced?

Regular AC maintenance is crucial as it ensures your system operates efficiently, which can significantly lower your energy costs. It helps prevent unexpected breakdowns by identifying and fixing minor issues before they become major problems, extending the lifespan of your unit. Regular service also improves air quality by cleaning filters and coils, reducing allergens and pollutants in your home. Additionally, many warranties require annual maintenance to remain valid, ensuring continued coverage for your AC system.

How much does an HVAC maintenance plan cost?

Most HVAC companies offer preventative maintenance plans that cost between $100-$300 per year for a basic plan covering two tune-up visits (spring and fall). More comprehensive plans that include additional services like air filter replacements, minor repairs, and discounts on larger repairs typically range from $200-$500 annually. Prices depend on factors like the size of your HVAC system, your location, and the company. While an upfront cost, regular professional maintenance helps extend equipment life, improve energy efficiency, prevent costly breakdowns, and ensure proper operation - often paying for itself through lower utility bills and repair costs over time.

Comfort Club
Elite Partner Plan

1 Annual Heating And/Or Air Conditioning Maintenance & Inspection

Reminder Service For Annual Inspection(s)

Overtime Fees

10% Discount
No Overtime Fees

Standard Air Filter Replacement

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Diagnostic Fee

10% Discount
No Diagnostic Fee*

After Hours, Weekend & Holiday Reduced Emergency Fee

Regularly Priced Repairs

10% Discount
20% Discount

Oil Nozzle, Filter & Pump Screen For Oil Fired Equipment Maintenance**


Priority Service


Monthly Payment Options


$50/Year Replacement Purchase Accrual***


Water Heater Maintenance


Blower Wheel Cleaning If Required


In-Place Evaporator Coil Cleaning If Required


Condensate Pan Treatment


Industry-Leading Lifetime Parts & Labor Guarantee On Repairs****


The Inevitable Fine Print

Diagnostic fee is waived if work is performed during normal 6am - 6pm appointment hours. Otherwise, diagnostic fee is discounted.

** Oil nozzle, filter & pump screen are considered maintenance items and are not covered by the Elite Partner Plan's lifetime warranty.

*** No cash-out value, plan must remain in place uninterrupted and equipment must be inspected on an annual basis.

**** Warranty does not include refrigerant, refrigerant-related repairs or fuses. Plan must remain in place uninterrupted and equipment must be inspected on an annual basis.


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