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HVAC Services For Your Oak Ridge, NJ Home

It's a crazy world out there. Everyone's in such a hurry, everything is go, go, go all the time; it's almost impossible to keep up. When you get home, you want to get away from all that.

Sit back.


Take a breath and just enjoy yourself.

But if your home isn't comfortable, you can't - and all of that stress follows you where you most want to get away from it!

Home comfort involves a spectrum of systems, all working together, to provide the comfort you demand. That's why Climate Plus is an expert in all of them. Whatever HVAC service your home requires, we're there - serving you with a smile, a laugh and most importantly, decades of expertise to tackle whatever you throw at us. You deserve that comfort. We provide it. Call  (973) 838-3200  today to get back your peace of mind.

Climate Plus Heating and Air systems

The Key To Comfort Is A Maintenance Plan

First and foremost, we want to tell you about our available service agreements. We're all about helping our clients save money while making sure their equipment works at peak performance for a long time to come. Our regularly scheduled maintenance plans are the best way to do that. Whether you choose Cozee's Comfort Club or our more comprehensive Elite Partner Plan, it's vital to make sure your HVAC system has regular preventative maintenance so it's there when you need it.

What Heating & Cooling Services Do You Offer?

We'll answer your question with a question - what heating & cooling services do you need? Because we do it all.

From furnaces to air conditioners to heat pumps to ductless mini-splits and more. We provide peerless service and undeniable comfort to all of our clients. It's the reason we got into this line of work! That means staying on the cutting edge of technology, tools and training so when you tell us what you want we can simply say "On it!"

Our services include:

Do You Do Oil To Gas Conversions?

Is New Jersey the Garden State? More and more people are looking to convert their furnaces from an oil-fueled system to natural gas, and why wouldn't they?

Doing so includes a host of benefits including a lower price, reduced CO2 emissions, automatic refills and more! If you have an oil-fueled system and are interested in an oil-to-gas conversion, we promise - it's a great investment in your home and there's never been a better time!

What Indoor Air Quality Services Do You Provide?

Naturally, you want to breathe easy indoors. But whether you know it or not, you rarely do. There are bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, mold, mildew, VOCs and an entire army of other pollutants that creep into your home's air. But Climate Plus can make you ready for that battle.

From UV Lights that vaporize bacteria to humidifiers and dehumidifiers that strike at mold and mildew with surgical precision, you can rest easy knowing that with every breath you take - we'll be watching you.

(Nevermind, that song is honestly kind of creepy.)

Do You Install Water Heaters?

Have you ever had no choice but to take a cold shower? Didn't it ruin your entire life for a day? Nobody wants that.

Comfort in your home isn't just about the air, it's about the water as well - specifically, the availability of hot water. So Climate Plus will also work with you to install a traditional water heater or an upgraded tankless model so you can be sure your showers are warm and relaxing - instead of infuriating.

Make Climate Plus Your Partner In Comfort Today!

As a company, we take pride in being here for our customers for whatever they need, whenever they need it. That's what's allowed us to be in business since 1990. That's what's earned us so many five-star ratings. That's what we'll bring to your home when you call us. Message us online, or call (973) 838-3200 , and see how Climate Plus is a degree above the rest!

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